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Frequently Asked Questions!

Why don’t you take insurance?

I do not take insurance because I work for you. Insurance can be very beneficial for catastrophic illness requiring surgery or hospitalization but it often gets in the way in the office setting because the doctor is told what he or she can or cannot order or how long should be spent with the patient. I don’t like those constraints, so I don’t let insurance get in the way. 

What if I need to be seen and your regular appointment days do not work?

Please secure message me through the Spruce app or call for an appointment. I will be happy to find a time that works for both of us.

What are your preferred methods of communication?

I prefer that you text message me through the Spruce App. You may also call on the telephone but because I do not have someone answering the phone for me I may be with another patient and there may be some delay in getting back with you. 

Do you take patients with medicare?

Unfortunately  I am not accepting any new Medicare patients at this time. This means that if you have Medicare I cannot accept you as a patient.  If there is enough interest. I can add you to a waiting list and may be able to accept you as a patient in the future.

Do you schedule patients for one time consults?

At this time I do not accept one time consults as my business model is not supported by this method. If you are interested in my model of care please sign up for the recurring membership. This allows me to keep the number of patients I care for comparatively small so that I am highly available to them.

How sign up work and what happens next?

Upon enrollment  I will send a text message to your smart phone with a link to the secure App that I use called Spruce. You will then be able to create a secure connection which will allow us to communicate about your health information via text or video conference. An intake form will also be automatically sent to you which will help me have a chart prepared for our first appointment. Appointments are handled through this App via text message to agree on a time that works for both of us and of course you can also call to schedule your appointment if you prefer however as I do not have anyone answering calls for me there may be a delay as I may be with a patient.

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